Tiger Moving FAQ

Why Choose Tiger?

We are a locally family owned & operated company that is employee focused and are committed to provide great customer service.

Why do I need a Tiger Storage Container?
If you are remodeling, need temporary storage, job site construction storage or moving to somewhere in the greater San Antonio area, Tiger Moving & Storage has your solution.

What Can I put In a Tiger Storage Container?
Household items, garage items, tools, equipment, storeroom, or inventory merchandise.

What can I not put in a Tiger Storage Container?
Absolutely no fuels, paints, pesticides, or any other hazardous materials can be stored in these containers.

How long can I have a Tiger Storage Container?
You can rent for a month or up to several months depending on your storage needs.

When Does a New Month Start?
A new month will start on the anniversary date of your delivery.  If your delivery date is on the 5th, the new month will start on the 5th of every month thereafter.  

What size Tiger Storage Container do I need?
We offer two different conveniently sized containers, 16’ and 20’. Approximate sizes of containers are 16’x 8’x 8’ and 20’x 8’x 8. A 16’ typically holds up to 4 to 5 rooms. For example, two bedrooms, a dining room, kitchen, and living room. A 20’ will hold up to 5 to 6 rooms based on how it is loaded.

Can I store the Tiger Storage Container at your facility temporarily?
Yes, we will pick up your Tiger Storage Container for a charge to be stored at our secure facility until you are ready to have it back at your home.

Can the Tiger Storage Container be locked?
Yes, you will need to buy a high quality lock to lock your items in the Tiger Storage container.  We have locks available for purchase.

Can I come to retrieve items from my Tiger Storage Container at your facility?
Yes, please gives us 24 hour notice before you need to access your Tiger Storage container. Don’t forget your key for your lock, you are the only one that has it.

Do I have to be home when the Tiger Storage Container is delivered and removed?
Yes. This will make sure we place the Tiger Storage container in the correct location and so you can sign paperwork for the rental.

Where can I get moving boxes and supplies?
Tiger Moving and Storage has partnered with Eco-Box, a locally family owned and operated business. Eco-Box has prepared custom moving kits for Tiger Moving & Storage. Visit their website to find the best option to fit your needs and they will deliver your kit to your door.

Can I move the Tiger Storage Container myself?
Once the Tiger Storage container is placed on your property, it cannot be moved by anything or anyone but trained Tiger equipment and employees. If you need the container relocated on your property, please call 24 hours in advance and we will be more than happy to do that for an additional charge. The container cannot be placed on a public street and it must remain on your property.

Am I able to get a refund if I no longer need a Tiger Storage Container?
At Tiger Moving & Storage, we understand that plans may change. If you are needing to cancel a Tiger Storage container order, please call our customer service department at 210-333-4292 to speak to a representative.